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Drain Rod Kit

Drain Rod Kit – Mistakes Made When Cleaning Drains

Drain rod kit – this is what you need if you have a blocked drain. Understandably, a lot of people attempt to unblock their drain themselves, as professionals can charge an extortionate sum of money for the service. You should have no trouble unblocking your drain so long as you avoid the common mistakes mentioned below.

One approach that many people seem to go for is to use the garden hose to attempt to blast the clog away. It is entirely understandable; after all, the pressure should move the obstruction. However, this is not advised for two reasons. The first is that the water could erupt from the drain and into your face – not pretty. The second is that you could damage the pipe. Some people also attempt to unblock the drain by grabbing anything from a coat hanger to a broom handle and stuffing it down the drain rods. Often, this is not effective as the blockage is too far away. Additionally, there is always the risk that you will make the problem even worse, as the broom or other object could get stuck down there too. This is why you need to buy a drain rod set. Drain rods have been specifically designed to cope with blockages that are far away, and they can navigate bends and awkward shapes with relative ease. Finally, don’t carelessly use caustic chemicals to attempt to rectify the problem. Not only could you hurt yourself, but also such chemicals can break down or erode your pipes, and they are not effective on any solid clogs, including the likes of paper, food and hair.

The right move to make, therefore, when trying to unblock a drain is to invest in a decent drain rod kit. These kits are exactly what a professional would use if they came to your home. But don’t fret, as they are not difficult to use. Get yours today at Bailey Supplies, https://www.baileysupplies.co.uk/.