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Coconut Oil, Your Drains And The Best Drain Rods For The Job


Best Drain Rods

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile substances on earth, and its use for everything from a hair conditioner to cooking, means that lots more of it is entering our drains and waste systems. What problems does this cause and what are the best drain rods to deal with these issues?

Coconut oil has been found to contain various health giving properties and its use has increased exponentially. However, to make the most of these properties, it is important to use raw coconut oil that has been cold pressed rather than chemically separated. One of the problems with raw cold pressed coconut oil is that at room temperature, it is a solid rather than a liquid. To become liquid, it needs to be heated to around body temperature. Once the oil cools, it returns to its solid state. While this is useful for telling cold pressed from chemically separated oils, it is not without its problems that may result in the need for a drain rod set. While the oil may be liquid when you finish using it, as it sits in the colder drains it begins to solidify again. There is potential for this to then clog drains and cause problems throughout your drainage system. If left unattended, you may require drain cleaning rods to sort out the blockage. Luckily, there are a range of actions you can take to ensure that coconut oil isn’t the cause of you needing to source the best drain rods. 

If you are using coconut oil in any of your bath or shower products, then to prevent drainage problems it is a clever idea to ensure that you flush your pipes with hot water. This is as simple as running the hot tap, or a hot shower for a few minutes after you have finished. Another everyday use of coconut oil is oil pulling, where it is used as an alternative to mouthwash. Many people spit the used oil either into the sink or the toilet. This amount of oil hitting your pipes at the same time is likely to solidify at some point, even if you do run hot water. This means that you will need flexible drain rods to reach the blockages at different points in your pipes. You can greatly reduce this risk to your pipes by spitting the oil into the bin instead. Of course, the most widespread use of coconut oil is still in cooking. Here the rules for protecting your pipes are the same as they are for other oils. Allow the unused oil to solidify and then scrap into the bin. This will greatly reduce your need for drain unblocking rods to be continually used. However, even with these tips, there is a chance that your drains will still clog from time to time, either because of the coconut oil, or other everyday causes. It is crucial not to leave your drains once you see the early signs of a blockage. Dealing with it quickly with quality rod drain cleaners, will save you time and money in the long term.

Early signs of a blockage that needs to be dealt with using the best drain rods is slow moving water in sinks. Also watch for slow draining toilets and bad smells coming from drainage points around the outside of your house. Follow these types and when you do need to use drainage rods you will have a successful outcome in no time at all.

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