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Fire Friends Natural Eco Wood Wool Firelighters

An eco-friendly way to start your fire!

What is Wood Wool?

Wood wool is a light, bio-degradable void fill made from shredded timber. Our firelighters are odourless so no awful paraffin smell and they coated in a natural wax. Our product is manufactured in the UK and is an FSC® Certified Product.

  • Two pack sizes available - 100 or 200 Natural Eco Wood Wool Firelighters
  • Only 1 odourless wood wool firelighter is required to start a fire quickly when used with kindling
  • The firelighters are coated in a natural wax which allows each firelighter to burn for up to 10 minutes.
  • Ideal for use with kindling for Home Fires, Wood Burning Stoves and BBQ’s!
  • They are a great camping accessory as they are light to carry and provide the perfect solution for easy fire lighting.
  • Suitable for commercial kitchens and pizza trucks.
  • The firelighters are good for starting briquette or charcoal fires and will often get a fire going without the need of kindling.


Lighting Instructions

  • Place the firelighter on kindling and then light the firelighter
  • **PLEASE NOTE they combust quickly so do not hold the firelighters when on fire**
  • Once the whole firelighter is lit, add more kindling on top to capture the flames.
  • You should only need 1 to light your fire each time.


Packaging Information

  • Our carrier bags are made from degradable plastic, certified to degrade within 24 months of disposal

Natural Eco Wood Wool Firelighters

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Fire Friends Natural Eco Wood Wool Firelighters

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