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Drain Rods – Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Unblocking Your Drains

Drain Rods – Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Unblocking Your Drains

 Drain Rods

Drain rods are a necessity if you are going to unblock your drains yourself. However, many people use other materials and follow different DIY approaches that are mentioned online. This is risky and can cause significant damage. Below, we reveal some of the most costly errors to avoid when unblocking your drains.

  • Pouring hot water down the drain – A lot of people pour hot water down the drain before they buy drain rods, as they mistakenly believe this is a quick and easy way to deal with a blockage. This isn’t the case. The hot water will only result in more build-up, causing a greater overflow. There are no properties in hot water that have the ability to breakdown the materials that are stuck in the drain.

  • Ignoring the problem – A lot of homeowners simply ignore the issue of a blocked drain, hoping it will just go away with a bit of use. If only it was that easy!

  • Pouring dangerous substances down the drain – Not only should water be avoided, but you also need to stay away from damaging chemicals too. Such substances can cause significant damage to your drains because the chemicals are corrosive. This could result in a breakdown of your pipes, which is a much more serious and expensive problem.

  • Using coat hangers, broom handles, and anything else found around the house – You need to purchase drainage rods, as opposed to using everyday products found around the house. Such items are not as effective at unblocking drains, and they can also scratch the surface of your pipe’s draining linings.

  • Taking the drain apart – Taking the drain apart is not advisable without experience. While it can work, you may have a big problem on your hands when putting it back together. If you have invested in drain rods and they don’t work, perhaps it is time to admit that you may need the professionals.

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