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Buy Chimney Rods And Save Yourself Money

Buy chimney rods to save yourself the expense and inconvenience of calling a chimney sweep or chimney cleaning company to clear your chimney when they get blocked. The vast majority of chimneys can be cleared relatively easily using chimney rods and the associated rod fittings. The work necessary can be carried out by most people with a bit of knowledge and confidence. To gain the necessary understanding of the process, you can always look online for written, image or video instructions. There is plenty of chimney cleaning advice out there! But how do you go about sourcing the equipment you need to do the job??

Finding Quality Chimney Rods For The Job In Hand

A quick look online shows there is a huge range of chimney rods prices in the UK and to a large extent, the maxim that you get what you pay for holds true. The lowest priced economy chimney cleaning rods will often clear a blockage, but the rod joints are prone to corrode and fail. The rods themselves are prone to crack or snap, especially if they have been stored for any length of time between uses, or if the chimney they are clearing has bends in it. The most expensive rods will last for years, and will clear tough blockages while remaining flexible and in good working order. However these are most likely an investment that is only cost effective for the professional plumber who is likely to use them on a regular basis. For the majority of domestic DIY users, the best drain rods are those which represent a balance between quality and cost. Generally, people will buy the best quality rods they can within their budget. As a guide, choose rods with brass joint fittings which are crimped and riveted onto the end of the rods and rods which are themselves made of good quality polypropylene. 

Looking At Where To Buy Chimney Rods And Get The Best Deals

To check the quality of rods and fittings you might be considering when you buy drain rods, look at online reviews, and comments posted in DIY and plumbing trade blogs. We sell the industry renowned Bailey Products Blue Rods®. These Rods are generally acknowledged as the best quality cleaning rods available which are specified on a worldwide basis and are the preferred choice of professionals. Blue Rods® have earned an international reputation for their reliability, strength, rigidity and the right amount of flexibility. They have been developed through many years of constant research and development, the rods are manufactured from the highest grade of polypropylene whilst the joints are manufactured from solid brass. To ensure strength and durability during use the brass joints are securely fitted to the rods by brass rivets. All rods are offered with two types of joints, either Universal or Lockfast.

Buy Chimney Rods At Competitive Prices With Excellent Customer Service At Bailey Supplies

At Bailey Supplies, we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality products at competitive, affordable prices. We only stock Bailey drain rods and accessories, because their international reputation is hard to beat. It’s no coincidence that we have achieved high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat and referral business. See what we can offer you when you buy drain rods from us at https://www.baileysupplies.co.uk/. Please feel free to contact us at sales@baileysupplies.co.uk or via the website for information and advice on drain clearing. For trade or business customers, we offer bulk discounts and any customer can benefit from free delivery on orders over £60.