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Drain Cleaning Rods

Drain Cleaning Rods Will Keep Your Drains And Sewers Flowing Freely

Drain cleaning rods and their accompanying accessories, such as 100mm plungers, worm screws, or drop scrapers, are the tools necessary to keep your drains and sewers running cleanly and efficiently. There are many different drain rods available on the UK market at many different price points. They all look very similar and are essentially designed to do the same job: to be pushed down drains and sewers to remove blockages. So, whether you are a professional plumber or a domestic DIY aficionado, how do you choose a set that is going to be reliable, long lasting and good value for money?

Check Drain Rods Reviews Online To Get The Most Cost Effective Deals

A good starting point to check out the efficacy of particular newly buy drain rods and accessories is to check past customers’ experiences on independent review sites, blogs or trade and DIY forums. If you do so, it will quickly become apparent that rods at the very cheapest end of the market can be prone to cracking or snapping in use; or becoming brittle if stored for long periods of time in between uses. The steel ends of these economy drain clearing rods are reported to corrode quickly and/ or come away from the end of the rod, often while underground, and in doing so, they can add to the problem instead of fixing it. Users often note that these rods, while sturdy enough to do the job, are not very flexible and which can cause problems if the drain pipe does not run straight. In other words, buying drain pipe cleaning rods at the cheapest end of the market can be, in some respects, a false economy. While they will tend to clear the first blockage, they do not store well and fail frequently from the second use onwards. Good or excellent reviews offer insight into a few features that indicate when a set of rods is likely to give you good service for a reasonable price. Look, for example, for drain cleaning rods that have crimped and riveted metal end joints, as these are less likely to come apart or deteriorate over time than those that are simply crimped.

Useful Accessory Tools To Go With Your Rods For Cleaning Drains

Steel end joints tend to be at the cheapest end of the market. It’s worth noting, though, that these will corrode relatively quickly. In the mid-price range, galvanised (or zinc-coated) joints are popular, but if you are likely to use the equipment time and again, then brass end joints are more expensive, but superior in longevity and performance. Also look for a good range of tool accessories: the better scoring sets have two or three tools with them. All drain cleaner rod sets come with a 100mm (4 inch) plunger - the correct diameter for UK domestic drains and sewers. This can be used to plunge the drain pipe by using the rods to push it into the drain and creating pressure, which frees the blockage. Feedback shows this doesn’t always clear tough or dense blockages, however, so it’s worth purchasing a double worm screw. This can be twisted down the pipe and into the blockage to puncture through it, useful where the problem is congealed grease or oil. Alternatively, it can be used to pull the blockage out of the way if, for example, it’s comprised of used nappies. A drop scraper will scrape out waste caught in the join between pipe sections. Your final decision is between the two typical kinds of pipe end joints. Universal joints perform well overall, but tend to come apart during prolonged or heavy use. Lockfast fixings will not do so, but can be more expensive. Bailey rods for cleaning drains score consistently well in reviews and can be purchased from us here - https://www.baileysupplies.co.uk/collections/drain-chimney-rods.

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