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Drain Rod Fittings

Drain Rod Fittings – What Is Right For You?

Drain rod fittings are widely available in the UK, with a variation of options to choose from. It is important to know more about the fittings and attachments that are for sale, so that you choose the right ones when you buy drain rods online.

As you probably would have guessed, the different fittings are designed for different types of blockages. For instance, if tree roots are causing an obstruction, there are root cutters that are designed specifically to deal with this. They will cut through the roots, allowing you to then use a plunger or another tool so that the roots do not block the pipes. There are then attachments for breaking up hard material deposits, for example, those that occur when fat or grease is poured down the sink. Good tools for this include drain rod chisels and heavy duty boring tools. To retrieve objects that have been lodged in the drain, there are a number of options. For bulky items, a harpoon is ideal, as this will pierce the item and bring it back. A double worm screw is another option this is great for paper, plastic and other rags, as it will entwine or pierce such items so they can be pulled back towards the user. A drop scraper will also draw the object back. This features a plate that is attached via a hinge to a brass joint. Once the rod has passed the obstruction, the plate flips down vertically so that the item can be scraped back up.

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