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Plumbers Drain Rods

Plumbers Drain Rods – Factors To Consider

Plumbers drain rods are not only available for professionals to buy. The likes of you and I can get our hands on premium quality drainage rods so that we can quickly, effectively, and cost efficiently deal with any drain blockages at our property. But what drain rods should you buy?

The first thing you need to consider is the material used. In most cases, polypropylene is the preferred choice. This is a flexible, lightweight and strong plastic. It is preferred because it does not react to chemicals, and it will not fracture or crack. Nevertheless, nylon is a material to consider if you are attempting to manoeuvre around tight bends and you have a small diameter flue to deal with. Drain rods also come with a number of different joint options. Universal are the most widely used; however, they do need to be rotated clockwise at all times, otherwise the rods can fall apart in the drain. A lot of people prefer to buy drain rods with the Lockfast system, as it is almost impossible for these to come undone. Other options include steel rod joints, spring joints and button joints. The size of the rod is also a factor to bear in mind. For heavy-duty use and municipal use, rods with a diameter between 1 and 1 1/8” are advised. For septic tanks and drains with a diameter between 6” and 8”, choose a rod with a 7/8” diameter. And, finally, for small diameter flues or drains, and general-purpose use, ¾” diameter rods are ideal.

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