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Rod Drain Cleaners

Rod Drain Cleaners – Top Five Signs Of A Blocked Drain

Rod drain cleaners are widely available on the Internet, but knowing when to use them can be a challenge for some. You don’t want to leave it until it is glaringly obvious that you have a problem, in other words when your house is flooded, before you act. So what are the different signs that you should be looking out for?

First and foremost, drain cover leakages are an indication that you need to buy drain rods. If there is any type of liquid waste coming from the drain covers around your property, it is highly likely that there is a blockage. Another sign that there is an issue is if there are raised water levels when you flush the toilet. This is because the blockage causes the water levels to rise to a level they typically wouldn’t. The water may look like it is going to spill over the seat before it drains away. The third key indication of a blockage is slow drainage of water from your bathtub, shower basin or sink. This can occur due to issues such as poor maintenance, the dumping of anti-bacterial soaps, clogs of hair and other substances and system overuse. If you hear gurgling signs, this is also another indication that you need drain rods. These sounds can occur when you run the taps or flush the toilet. They tend to arise due to trapped air that bubbles up and attempts to push its way to the surface. Finally, the most disgusting sign of them all – nasty odours! This is bacteria or food particles that are stuck and starting to decompose.

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