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Rods For Cleaning Drains

Rods For Cleaning Drains – Who Is Responsible For Repairing Blocked Drains?

Rods for cleaning drains are available for both professionals and homeowners to purchase. But is this something you need to buy? Are you even responsible for your drains? Read on to discover everything you need to know about unblocking drains and who is responsible for drain damage.

A lot of people are confused about where the responsibility lies for blocked and damaged drains. In most cases, you are responsible for any drains that lie within your property’s boundaries. For drains that are outside of these boundaries, i.e. lateral drains, the sewerage company takes responsibility. The same applies for sewers, unless they are publicly owned, which is often the case. So, what is the difference between a lateral drain and a drain? The latter is situated outside the boundary of your property, typically under a road or public pavement, and it carries wastewater away from your property. A drain is a pipe that drains waste and water from any buildings that belong with it. If any damage occurs to drains inside your property’s boundaries, you will need to repair it. In most cases, you will simply need to invest in drain cleaning rods. Blockages can be dealt with easily for the most part, without the need to spend a lot on plumbers or specialist drainage companies. Drain rods are widely available on the Internet for all to buy; yet you do need to choose with care to ensure quality. If more significant damage has occurred, such as a burst pipe, you will need a professional service.

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