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Flexible Nylon Pro Pack Drain Rod Set 10m With Holding Straps

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Bailey Flexible Nylon Pro Pack Drain Rod Set 10m:-

The 1m long x 12mm diameter nylon rods bend to 180°. They are flexible enough for tight bends and turns and can be turned left or right.

Tried and tested by experienced tradesmen. They can be used for flues, chimneys and also drains with an adaptor. They are also used for cleaning stoves and small, tight bend flues.

The brushes come in two sizes, 5” and 7". All rods and tools lock in place. Comes with a Lockfast & Universal drain adaptor for conventional tools.

Cheaper than most of the other non-locking nylon rod sets and can be used on most aspects of small flue clearing and cleaning.

Product contents:

10 x Nylon Trigger Lock Rods - Multi-Directional
2 x Flue Brushes (1 x 5", 1 x 7")
1 x Brush Adaptor
1 x Universal Drain Rod Adaptor
1 x Lockfast Drain Rod Adaptor
2 x 12" Straps to keep rods together


*Not to be used with drills or any other devices.  Hand use only, which seems to be the preferred method of professionals.


Want some extra rods?

Or just need a brush to go with the Flexible Rods? Have a look at our 5" and 7" Poly Brushes



These 12" brushes can also be used in conjunction with the Z0090 adaptor:

12" Lockfast or Universal




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