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Bailey Lockfast Chimney Rod & Brush Sweep Sweeping Rod Set 10 Rods & 6" Brush - (Optional Bag)

  • £4595

Bailey Lockfast Chimney Sweep Set


Need your chimneys cleaned and don't want to pay for an expensive chimney sweep?

Look no further than our Lockfast Chimney Sweep sets which reduce the risk of the loss of a chimney brush up your chimney!

Excellent value for money and can be re-used over and over again.

  • Why Use Lockfast Rods?

  • Lockfast rods have the added security of being locked tightly.
  • Multi directional - can be rotated clockwise AND anti-clockwise
  • Reduce the risk of loss
  • Remain secure in demanding conditions


  • Recommended Instructions For Use:

    • Assemble the brush and one section of pipe.
    • Attach the first piece of pipe to the brush.
    • Insert the brush into the chimney through the fireplace. Using up and down motions, begin to scrub the flue clean.
    • Add another section of pipe to enable you to extend the brush further up the chimney.
    • Continue in this fashion until you've cleaned the length of the flue.


    Listing Offers:

    • 10 x 3ft / 3/4" Lockfast Rods
    • 1 x 6" (150mm) Plastic Chimney Sweep Brush
    • Optional Carry Bag

    Rod Info:

    Blue Rods®, Polypropylene - These Rods are generally acknowledged as the best quality cleaning rods available which are specified on a world wide basis and are the preferred choice of professionals. Blue Rods® have earned an international reputation for their reliability, strength, rigidity and the right amount of flexibility.

    They have been developed through many years of constant research and development, the rods are manufactured from the highest grade of polypropylene whilst the joints are manufactured from solid brass. To ensure strength and durability during use the brass joints are securely fitted to the rods by brass rivets.

    Blue Rods® - Carry the Bailey name and this combination is your guarantee of quality. Both the Bailey name and the colour blue, in respect of drain rods, are covered by international trademarks


    Brush Info:

    The Bailey's Universal drain, chimney and flue cleaning brush has a plastic stock and polypropylene bristles. They are used for chimney and flue cleaning. These brushes are excellent solutions for brick chimneys, coal burning applications and also drain cleaning purposes.

    Bag Info:

    Big enough to contain 10 x rods. (Brush may not fit in depending on size)

    *Hand use only, which seems to be the preferred method of professionals. Recommended instructions for use are just a guide as not all chimneys are the same. Seek professional advice.


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