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Drain Cleaner Rod

Drain Cleaner Rod – Why Do You Need A Rotating Handle?

Drain cleaner rods are something you will definitely need to purchase if you have a blocked drain at your property. However, there are a number of other accessories or attachments that you may need to purchase as well. One of these is a rotating handle. Read on to discover more about this piece of equipment and what it is used for.

A rotating handle is another type of device that can be used in order to help deal with blockages. However, it can actually be used alongside a number of other accessories and attachments, including the likes of root cutters and double worm screws. The rotating handle helps you to get more movement, by rotating the handle around the drain to ensure that the device on the end is fully penetrating the object. A rotating handle features three parts – there are two polypropylene tubes and a handle frame that is typically made from steel. At one end of the handle, there is a steel or brass joint to connect the rotating handle to drain rods. Most people choose Lockfast drain cleaning rods, as they are secure and easier to use. At the other end of the handle, there is a retaining nut, which is designed to make sure that the polypropylene handle does not slide off the handle frame. One thing you need to be mindful of is that you can only turn the handle clockwise if using universal joints; however, you don’t need to worry about this with locking drainage rods.

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