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Drain Cleaner Rods

Drain Cleaner Rods – Three Tools You Need To Know About

Drain cleaner rods come in a range of materials, sizes, and designs. But it is not only the drain rods themselves you need to be concerned with when buying; you should also consider what accessories you are going to buy. Below, we are going to take a look at three tools you should really know about.

The first type of tool that works with drain cleaning rods is the drain rod chisel. This is designed to break up any solid material deposits that are contained in the pipework. Over time, grease and fat deposits can harden. This is why you are advised to never pour cooking oil down the sink, as this can lead to blockages, which will in turn restrict the flow of water through the drain. A good way to break down these types of obstructions is to use a drain chisel, as the face will help you to chip away at the deposits. Next, we have heavy duty boring tools, which get their name because they bore through and break up deposits. You can choose from a wide range of heavy duty boring tools. You do need to be mindful, though, as the long boring tools can be difficult to use because they are very heavy. Once the large deposits have been broken up using this tool, they can typically be flushed away. Finally, we have a harpoon, which is use to pierce bulky items and then retrieve them. This is perfect for any objects that have become wedged in a drain. Most of these tools are constructed using zinc-plated steel.

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