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Drain Cleaning Rod

Drain Cleaning Rod – A Guide To Root Cutters

Drain cleaning rod sets often come with a number of different accessories and tools, ranging from harpoons and drain rod chisels to double worm screws and plungers. One device that may be included in your drain rod kit is a root cutter.

As you may have gathered by the name, this is a device that is designed to cut through tree roots, which can be an issue when they start to obstruct drains. This is because fine filaments can get into your drainage system’s joints, as they naturally seek water sources. The joint will fail when these roots grow, which results in the roots entering the pipes, where a mass woody growth develops. You need to use a root cutter and a plunger to deal with this issue. Root cutters are attached to the end of drain rods. They are typically used alongside a rotating handle, and they are usually made from high-density carbon steel that is plated with zinc. The root cutter will spin when you turn the handle, which will then enable the cutter to cut through the roots, after which you can retrieve them from the drain. If you choose drain cleaning rods that have a universal fitting, you need to make sure you turn them in a clockwise direction. If you do not, you could cause the rod and the attachments to unscrew, causing them to come apart in the drain, which will lead to even bigger issues. The best way to avoid this is to choose a locking drain kit, as they are more secure and you can rotate the rod in any direction,

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