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Drain Clearing Rods

Drain Clearing Rods With Plungers

Drain clearing rods are available via a number of different stores online today. However, if this is something you have never purchased before, it is easy to feel perplexed by the options that are on offer. This is especially the case when you come across apparently random terms like ‘double worm screw’ and ‘drop scraper’.

These are simply terms used to describe the different attachments that come with drain rods, helping you to dislodge the obstruction and deal with the issue. One of the most popular attachments available is the plunger, and no doubt this is something you are a little bit more familiar with. Plungers can either be made from four individual parts which may be bought separately; or may come in part of a drain rod kit. Alternatively, they can be moulded as a one-piece plunger. If the former applies, the parts you will receive include a retaining screw, a rubber disc, a polypropylene disk and a steel or brass joint. It is important to make sure that the plunger has a snug fit when it enters the drain, as this will help to generate a lot of pressure. If the plunger is too small for the drain, you will struggle to remove the obstruction. To remove the object blocking the drain, you should push the drain cleaning rods towards it, which will cause pressure to build up in front of the plunger. After this, you should quickly pull the plunger back towards you, and this should remove the object. If it doesn’t, keep trying!

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