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Drain Pipe Cleaning Rods

Drain Pipe Cleaning Rods With Double Worm Screws

Drain pipe cleaning rods are widely available nowadays, with many different options to choose from. One of the main things you need to consider is what sort of device you are going to use to attach to the end of the rod to unblock the drain. There are numerous attachments available, and your decision will largely be based on the type of blockage you believe you have.

On type of attachment available with most drain rods is the double worm screw. This is an attachment that is used to entwine or pierce blockages, including the likes of plastic, paper and rags. Once the object has been pierced, it can then be pulled back towards you, and you can remove it from the drain system. It is important to note that you have a number of different sizes to choose from when it comes to this type of device. You should ensure that the double worm screw matches the diameter of the drain cleaning rods you are using. When purchasing this type of drainage product, it’s well worth ensuring that you opt for a quality double worm screw, as you need something that is going to be strong, durable and pierce items effectively. This is one reason why it’s essential that you purchase from a reputable brand, with Bailey Products being a good option. They have an outstanding reputation in the industry and they are often the go-to choice for professionals.

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