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Drain Rod Extension Set

Drain Rod Extension Set – Adding Rods To Reach The Obstruction

Drain rod extension set is what you need to purchase if you need to reach an obstruction that is fairly far away. More often than not, blockages occur a fair distance along the pipe, and they can be difficult to reach with just one rod. This is where an extension kit comes in handy. They contain extra rods that can be added until you are able to reach the obstruction.

An extension kit is drain rod set that will typically include a number of extra rods without any other tools and attachments. This is perfect for any obstructions that are so far away that your standard drain rod kit cannot reach. All of the drain rods will attach together, and you can keep adding them until you reach the obstruction. Once you get to this point, you should keep pushing gently, so that you can build up pressure. After, pull the rod away quickly, and this should release the blockage. If this does not happen, you should keep trying. Sometimes it can take a few times to get it right. Alternatively, you can use a different attachment to deal with the blockage, such as a drop scraper or a double worm screw. A lot of people worry that rod extensions are going to snap or fall apart while they are in use, especially as you need to remember with some sets that you can only move them clockwise. This is why it is a good idea to consider Lockfast drain sets, as they are locked together, meaning they will not unscrew and you can also turn them whichever way you want.

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