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Drain Rod Set

Drain Rod Set - Do You Need One?

Drain rod set is not at the top of most UK people’s domestic DIY tool list. However, if your drains or sewer pipes are blocked and you have exhausted the chemical options available on the market and still not met with any success, you may find that purchasing this equipment is the only option left. That’s if you don’t want to wait around without your toilets, sinks, basins or bath working properly for a plumber or drainage engineer to arrive, and then settling a heavy bill for the privilege. You may find, with the right drain rods and a little confidence, that this is a problem you can solve yourself. But how do you go about it?

What Do Drain Rods Sets Consist Of?

The first sign of a blocked drain may be toilets and baths draining more slowly than usual or not draining at all, or an overflowing inspection chamber. If you suspect you have a blocked drain, you will need to lift the drain covers outside of your property. You should use a heavy duty screwdriver to raise each cover until you can get hold of it and lift it clear. If you can see standing water or other materials inside the chamber, then chances are that it's blocked in and around this area. This is where you will need specialist drainage rods. The best way to ensure you have all the tools and accessories you need is to buy a good quality drain cleaning rod set. Remembering where the rods are going to be used, you should also buy a pair of sturdy rubber gloves and ideally, eye protection. You will usually get two or three different tools as standard in your drain rodding kit. These tools give you different options to try and clear the blockage. The most common accessories included are a 4 inch plunger and a worm screw /double helix piece. Some sets will also have a drop scraper. To use the plunger, attach it to the first rod and feed it into the pipe. Add more rods until the plunger is about 2 or 3 feet into the drain. Then, simply use the rods as a giant plunger. This will create pressure in the pipe and hopefully begin to release the blockage.

Why You Might Need A Drain Rod Extension Set

You can add as many rods as necessary to reach the obstruction. Note that if you have long runs between manholes, your drain rod set might not have enough length to fully reach any obstructions; and if this is the case, it might be necessary to buy a drain rod extension set. This contains rods but no tools. Once you feel resistance within the pipe, keep pushing gently and then withdrawing the plunger a little way. This action helps to build up pressure and force the blockage to clear. If this does not work, you may need to extract the rods and swap the plunger for the worm screw/ double helix attachment, which is designed to break up tightly-packed obstructions. Feed the rods back along to the blockage and twist the worm screw into it. You can then either push the blockage further along the pipe or pull it towards you. For a partial obstruction, a drop scraper can be used. Push this over small blockages, twisting where necessary, so that when you begin to draw the rods back, it drops down and allows you to scrape material towards you. One problem to note with universal screw fix drain rod joints is you can only twist them clockwise. Twisting them anticlockwise can cause them to unscrew underground and leave rods as well as blockages in your drains. A lockfast drain rod set will overcome this problem, because the rods are held together by a lock nut and will not unscrew. For an extensive range of quality rod sets for all scenarios, come to Bailey Supplies.

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