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Drainage Rods

Drainage Rods Are A Worthwhile Addition To Your DIY Tool Set

Drainage rods: are they worth the money? Many people only encounter a blocked drain or sewer occasionally, and there are plenty of businesses out there who will turn up and clear the drain for you. However, the majority of blockages are relatively simple to clear. So why wait for hours for a company to come out and then pay them for a simple job you can do yourself in a short space of time? A set of drain rods is relatively inexpensive and whilst clearing drains is not a particularly pleasant job, it is well within the capability of most householders.

How Do I Recognise Quality Drain Rods?

In buying and using your drain rods, there are some pitfalls you should be aware of. There are many stories from DIY enthusiasts and plumbers of very cheap drain rod set snapping during use and causing yet more problems. As with many things, it is not always the case that the cheapest rods are the worst made, nor that a company will not sell you cheaply made rods at an expensive price. When looking at the various drainage rods for sale, it is worth knowing a bit about their construction to ensure you make the best choice in terms of balancing quality and price. Good rods are made of polypropylene tubes, a type of plastic. This has a number of advantages. It is a lightweight material and is an excellent electrical insulator. It is also very strong yet flexible and is resistant to cracking and snapping. Additionally, it is resistant to chemical attack from the typical chemicals you might find in a drain or sewer such as acids and alkalis used in cleaning products like bleach and de-greasing agents. Although the outside diameter of all rods looks the same, more cheaply produced rods are made of tubing with thinner walls and are therefore less able to handle the stress they will be under when in use, making them more likely to crack or fracture. Similarly, poorly produced rods may be made of inferior quality plastics which will not be as flexible as their better quality counterparts, again making them more prone to cracking or breaking.

Why Locking Drain Rods Are Advantageous

The joints used to connect drainage rods are also an important consideration, because they are their main weakness. In some rod sets, the metal joint is only crimped onto the end of the rod. Avoid these, as the joint is liable to fail, leaving one or more rods stranded in the drain or sewer. Much more reliable are joints that are both crimped and riveted to the pipe to create a far stronger joint. The joints themselves can be made from steel, zinc-plated steel or brass. Steel joints are used on cheaper rods and although they are strong, they are liable to corrode or rust, compromising the efficiency of the equipment over time. Some steel joints are galvanised (that is, plated with zinc). Zinc plating provides greater resistance to corrosion than steel, and is lighter than brass; but even so, over time the plating will scratch off and the ends can still corrode. In short, brass is the best metal as it is both strong and resistant to corrosion. The ‘screw in’ or universal joint is the most widely used on a drainage cleaning rod. This allows for quick assembly of the equipment. It’s important to remember, though, that the rods must then be rotated clockwise when in use, otherwise they can unscrew and come apart. Locking drain rods are the better, if more expensive, option. Here, the joint is assembled and locked into place using a retaining nut to prevent the rods from pulling apart. You can find a range of quality, affordable drain cleaning systems at Convenient Drain & Pipe Solutions Ltd.

Quality, Affordable Drainage Rods Are Available From Bailey Supplies

Here at Bailey Supplies, we sell a range of high quality, world renowned Bailey Blue rods® at affordable, competitive prices. These drainage rods are made to the highest production standards and have a great reputation for their quality, durability and strength. They are available in four diameters and in various lengths. Additionally, all drain rods are available with either universal or lockfast brass joints. For business or trade customers, bulk discounts can be arranged. See and buy from our range at https://www.baileysupplies.co.uk/ today; or alternatively, please contact us at sales@baileysupplies.co.uk or via our web form with any queries.