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Drain Rod Kits

Drain Rod Kits – How To Tell If Your Drains Are Blocked

Drain rod kits are widely available in-store and on the Internet today. They provide the perfect solution for homeowners who do not want to spend extortionate amounts of money on hiring a professional to deal with the blockage. But how do you know if your drains are blocked in the first place? Here are some of the warning signs.

The first sign that you have a problem with your drains is if you can hear strange noises coming from them. If you flush the toilet, and you hear a gurgling noise, this is an early indication that something could be wrong. Listen out for these sounds when water is going down the plughole as well. One of the worst symptoms associated with blocked drain is a foul smell. This is a dead giveaway for a blockage, meaning you should invest in a drain rod set sooner rather than later. You will certainly know if something has become lodged in the drain and has started to rot, and more often than not, these smells can occur before you notice any visual symptoms. Of course, the most obvious sign that you need drain rods is if you do see any of the common signs. If your sinks, bath, shower, or toilet are draining more slowly than usual or the water is failing to drain away at all, then this could also indicate that there is an issue. The main driver for a blockage tends to be the toilet: if you run sink or bath taps and the toilet water starts to rise, or you flush the toilet and water rises in the shower, then you definitely have a blocked drain to deal with.

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